Opponents of Keystone Pipeline to Train Activists in Civil Disobedience

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The mobile service provider CREDO Mobile and environmental group Rainforest Action Network plan to train 60,000 activists in civil disobedience as they pressure President Obama to reject TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline.

CREDO’s opposition to the pipeline will include 1,000 demonstrations during a two-week period between the national interest determination report and the date that the president could issue the cross-border permit.

Each year CREDO donates to amazing nonprofits like Rainforest Action Network, and has raised more than $72 million in the last 28 years. And the 3 million activists in CREDO Action are fighting on the front lines for issues like the Keystone XL pipeline.

AT&T and Verizon Wireless, on the other hand, have given a whopping $1,017,500 and $179,600 respectively to House and Senate Tea Party Caucus members since 2009. And AT&T has contributed to the last five Republican presidential candidates—without giving a penny to the Democratic candidate.

Right now, if you sign up to be a CREDO customer using the referral code: bonus, you’ll get 25% off your monthly voice plan for the 1st year, and CREDO will buy out your contract with your current mobile phone company, and an additional $50 will go to opposing the Keystone Pipeline. I love CREDO, and I really think you will too. If you decide to join, make sure to give them the referral code (bonus) so that you get this amazing deal!

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Farm Bill or GMO Toxic Food Bill?

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2013 Farm BillThe so-called Farm Bill should be called the Chemical and GMO Toxic Food Bill for all the support it gives to local organic food producers, the only people really growing healthy food in the US. The health epidemic in the US should give you an idea of the situation. The US Congress is deaf to people’s concerns, they are only interested in corporate profits which they get a share of in the form of their campaigns. Yeah, they’re winners alright, we don’t have hardly any farms anymore, they’re all corporations who have no human values. They are the greatest enemy our nation has ever …not faced. Home of the brave? Disease, injustice, death and destruction is the produce of our winner-take-all system but they rigged the elections anyway, they don’t take any chances, nor do they create any jobs, just another of the big lies.
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Glad someone is speaking up for this brave young man who has risked much to make the truth be known and shame on Obama for not issuing an executive order to free him and the other whistle-blowers he is being so very hard on, more so than any other president. What a wanker.



Considering this story one might think so-called “conservative Christians” who tend to intentionally lie and rewrite history should be considered the Anti-Christ, opposite of Christ, by good Christians. I hope those who might be influenced by people like Nance will at least google the enlightenment and read about it. The paranoid ravings and charges of anti-Christ Christians is an expression of fear, real or imagined. Christ’s example in the Bible was one of compassion and caring for not only the down trodden but for everyone, even the Roman soldiers. Such an example of a good person could hardly be considered harmful. According to the story about the only time he expressed any anger was when he overturned the tables of the money changers in the temple. His action might be considered an action of compassion for the animals being sold for sacrifice there very much like the animal rights advocates of today, and for the usury of the money changers. Jesus would be appalled that today usury is built right into our monetary system. The state in either case remains on the wrong side defending the brutality of the status quo. The claims of faith by the anti-Christs ring hollow as they exhibit no faith at all in what Jesus was saying about love and our fellow beings for that requires some courage. The beauty of it all is that we can realize our mistakes and change how we view things in an instant. Religion has often been pilloried by progressives citing its brutal history and rightly so in many cases. But I think if we are to have the world of peace, love and understanding we all desire I think we need to emulate the compassion and caring example that does not belong only to Christianity, but was the foundation of all the ancient indigenous matrifocal societies. We live in a patriarchal society, its all male God is the give-away, and is generously reflected in the male domination and authoritarianism of all our institutions. Re-establishing a sacred and honored place for the Great Mother archetype n the human psyche is what we and our planet need. We are well into the sixth extinction. The empathy and compassion for our plant and animal friends in this world is growing. Penny Nance is trying to organize mothers to take a patriarchal stand against their own nature, which is empathetic caring and compassion, as if women haven’t been subjected to that enough already. It should be clear that it is the interests of money wealth who fund such charades in an effort to hold onto their dominance. Fear drives them to do so at all costs. We need to help them be less fearful and much more faithful.